Monday, September 5, 2016

The End?

Sadly, it appears that our blog is now antiquated… With constant real time updating of Facebook, and Stacy's prolific posting, there doesn't seem to be much need for my posts any longer!  Makes me a little sad, and is another sign of how quickly we age.  Good news is that we are enjoying the hell out of life. Cheers!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Athletic Field Day!

This was the first year of all the kids being at the same school and so they got to enjoy Athletic Field Day together! This is always an amazing day of friendly competition and physical challenges. Mia won the tug of war for the 4th year in a row!  Mad fun...

Cool Pic!

This weekend we took the kids to play around in Old Town Scottsdale. They climbed a sculpture and I snapped this cool pic...  Love these kids!

Family Bike Ride!

Here we are enjoying this beautiful winter weather with a family bike ride! Note the Twins' incessant laziness...

Mia Pah Necklaces!

For all of Aubrey's desire to control and dominate her twin brother, sometimes she is overwhelmingly sweet to him...  She insisted on buy 'best friends' necklaces for them while at the mall the other day!  So sweet.

Little Marshie!

Our little Marshall has become a beloved part of the family! I thought my kids had it good, until I met this guy...  Wow, talk about spoiled!

Poor Little Girl...

Poor little Aubrey has horrendous asthma and lung issues...  When everyone else gets a slight cold, she gets severely congested and it usually turns into bronchitis or worse! So here is our little trooper in her sleeping mask, enduring her nightly breathing treatment. I supposed minor lung issues are a small price to pay for being born at 29 weeks and being otherwise perfectly healthy! If not a little crazy...  Baahhaaaaaaaaa

Working Girl...

Mia spent the day working at Daddy's office this past week! She made copies, organized folders and couldn't wait for lunch!