Thursday, July 29, 2010

Papa Time!

Grammy & Papa came in for the weekend to watch the twins while Mommy, Daddy & Mia head back to Cleveland for a few days! We were worried that it might be too much to ask of them to help with the twins. However, within about an hour Papa had a glass of wine and a happily fed Brandon... I'm pretty sure they'll all be just fine. These guys don't look too stressed!

Snuggle Time!

Could this picture be any cuter?! Boy what a change... Mia has always been such a Daddy's girl. Now we've clearly got a Momma's boy! He's quite the snuggler.

Television Time!

Yes, those chubby gremlins are Brandon & Aubrey! They've gone from wanting to sleep all day, to wanting to interact, and even enjoy a little TV time... Hard to believe they were 3 pound premies a few months ago, huh?

The Gang!

Here they are! All three of our midgets hanging out together at bed time... Note Mia's constant silliness! Also note that my boy is trying his hardest to stay away from the girls... Smart man!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy Days!

Here was Momma trying to balance the needs of everyone while keeping the Stay Puft Man happy! Several people have inquired as to why there are so many pictures of Brandon on Mia's blog, and so few of Aubrey... Daddy is most definitely not showing favortism to his boy! The truth is that Brandon is so damn needy that he happens to be around every time we're snapping a photo. Whereas, our perfect angel Aubrey is content to sleep or lie around quietly. I guess it's the old squeaky wheel getting the grease theory... Hopefully that will be changing, as they are both beginning to blossom little personalities! It's so great to see them smiling, giggling and beginning to interact with their surroundings. They've sure come a long way... And I don't just mean their weight!

Aunt Caren & Hadley Visit!

Aunt Caren flew in for the weekend with Mia's cousin, Hadley. They were hugely helpful while Daddy was traveling for work, and Mia had an absolute blast! You can see it didn't take long for Big Bubba Brandon to work his way in with Aunt Caren... He's got a way with the ladies!

Cousin Hadley!

Mia sure loves her big cousin Hadley! She had so much fun during their visit that she could hardly keep her eyes open by the time the sun went down... Each day ended with a nice long swim in the 95 degree pool water! Unfortunately, even the pool is hot this time of year. That didn't stop the fun!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tubby Fun!

Now that the twins are getting regular baths, Mia has decided to get in on the fun! What used to be so relaxing and soothing has suddently become a war zone for poor Brandon... He handles it with aplomb. Can you see the post traumatic stress disorder in his eyes?!

Paging Dr. Mia!

Whenever Aunt Cathy comes over, Mia gets into her extreme dress up mode! Here she is giving Uncle Ryan a thorough exam... Her conclusion? He need help! Heee heeeeee

Daddy's Girls!

Here are Daddy's favorite ladies! Look at that chubby little girl... Mia sure does love her siblings! Unfortunately Brandon couldn't be in this photo because Aubrey ate him! Just kidding...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ghengis Khan!

Tell me this kid isn't looking like he should have a chicken leg in one hand, a heirom of ladies around him, and be coordinating a massive war effort to conquer the world! Ok, maybe Daddy is projecting his dreams again...

Tubby Musician!

Thought this would be a great picture for Mia's wedding montage! Mommy bought her a waterproof xylophone and drum combo. She proceeded to put it on like a mariachi band and sing and entertain... Always the clown!

Drum Impersonator!

Somebody is already trying to be like big sister Mia! Here is Brandon doing his best impersonation of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow man as a drummer... Heeee heeeee. Note that this kid is so spoiled that even shag carpeting isn't suitable for his rump! Nope, he has the ultra plush Mr Giraffe to cradle his lazy ass...

Stage Show!

In the infamous words of Lebron James, "Yes we did!"... Here is the midget's own stage! It wasn't quite enough just to play the drums. Nope, she had to be elevated above her adoring fans!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July 2010!

In celebration of Independence Day, we had a few families over for a long day of swimming & BBQ. Mia has become quite proficient at swimming, and probably dove off the waterfall about 300-400 times! After a short family nap, we all went to the Club for some dinner & evening fireworks... Mia wasn't frightened by the fireworks this year. In fact, once the glow sticks came out she barely noticed they were going on! It was a very relaxing and enjoyable holiday weekend. We certainly live in an incredible country and are very proud to be Americans!

Yummy Rice Cereal...

Aubrey has been sleeping through the night for the past few weeks, but her brother simply refuses to cut us any slack! He continues to wake up around 3 or 4, whining and waking up his sister. We've received varied advice on 'tough love' parenting, etc. However, since he sucks down a full bottle at this time, we figure he's got to be hungry. Soooooooo, we decided to try feeding him some rice cereal in hopes that it will better fill his little belly. He really loves it! He was a little unsure of the texture at first, but now scarfs it down. Unlike Aubrey who wanted nothing to do with it. If you can believe it, Mia took this photo! She fancies herself quite the photographer these days... Let's hope for some long sleepy nights ahead for Brandon!

Little Drummer Girl...

Mia has moved on from her guitar to the drums! For the past few months she's been begging for a drum set. Momma was ready to run out and buy a new drum set. Daddy held his ground for a while, but finally gave in last week... Mia was as excited as we've ever seen her! She has a little intro 1-2, 1-2-3 routine that she likes to employ before breaking into her solos. It really is so cute to watch her level of joy. Mommy & Daddy obviously have zero musical talent. However, Mia's favorite sitter, Carmel, happens to be earning her Masters degree in music education at ASU. So she's begun teaching Mia basic rhythms and timing. She claims that Mia has natural rhythm! Wouldn't that be something to see a Lovell who could actually tap their feet and chew gum at the same time...

The Creative Kid!

Mia's imagination continues to flourish! It is truly amazing what her mind will conujure up on a long, hot summer afternoon... Here she hitched a pony to her cart, along with reins, a driving seat and room for 4 passengers! Problem is that she will only allow her bears to ride along with her. No Mommy & Daddy allowed! It's all fun and games until the end of the day when our home looks like a hurricane swept through. Mia isn't so keen on the whole 'cleaning up' part of playtime... Yet another fun battle for Mommy & Daddy!


Here are the twins spending a little quality bonding time in their room! They like to rock and hang out... I'm pretty sure, based on her smile, that he just told her a silly joke! These two are a couple of little clowns. I'm using the term 'little' very loosely, as you can clearly see that they are fat as hell!

Wee Man!

This picture just cracks me up! We put him in this boppy seat and he assumes the demeanor of a little old man... He has a very serious spirit!