Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Hannukah from St. Nick!

Yes, I realize we're Jewish, but hey, we're greedy! And tell me this isn't the cutest damn picture?! Our sweet neighbor Lucia offered to watch Brandon for a little while this afternoon so Momma could run to grab Mia from school. While she had him she took the liberty of dressing him up as Santa Claus and captured a bunch of hysterical little photos... He's jolly alright!

Rough Life!

These kids sure know how to work their Momma! It's truly amazing the amount of effort that goes into caring for these children... Usually only one rests at a time, but every once in a while they will simply wilt at about the same moment! Case in point. Here they are in the middle of being fed some yummy sweet potatoes, and both of them fall sound asleep! Couple of hams...

Progress at Last...

I'm happy to announce that in the last two weeks Aubrey has made tremendous progress! In no time she has begun rolling over, is sitting up strong, and even beginning to make progress towards crawling... Of course Bam Bam Brandon is Army crawling across the room. I'm afraid if we turn our back on him he may crawl off down the street and we'll find him hitting on a neighbor girl. It's really fun to watch them progressing!

Buckeye Nation Domination!

We may not be going to the National Championship, but we sure as hell put a proper whooping on Michigan! What better way to cap off a season?! Ryan's Mom & Dan visited for Thanksgiving, so they stopped by for the Ohio State game and a BBQ. Donna is so loving and sweet, and just ate up the children... There's our future Buckeye cheerleader!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from our midgets to yours!

Cute Cousins!

Mia had such a great time with her cousin, Hadley, that she bawled when we left to go home... The two of them were literally inseperable for 72 hours! It was so great to see how respectful and loving they were towards each other. Two very sweet little girls...

Reading with Papa!

On Thanksgiving afternoon I found Brandon hanging out with his Papa, learning about cars! It was a very proud moment for Daddy... Papa was passing along some of his immense automotive knowledge, and Brandon seemed to be soaking it up! Too cute.

The Cousins!

Alec & Gavin really enjoyed the twins! It was great for all the kids to get so much quality time with their cousins, who are absolutely fantastic children...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Attack of the LIttle People!

Our home has been invaded by the little people! Daddy awoke the other morning to a horde of midgets attacking him... What could be better than waking to these happy little faces! They bring so much joy and love.

Sisterly Love!

They sure do love each other!

Grandma & Grandpa Visit!

Grandma & Grandpa made the trek from Ohio this past weekend to meet the twins! I see a resemblance between Brandon & Grandpa. They're both balding & Chubby! Heee heeee All kidding aside, it was great to see them...

Momma's Boy!

Talk about a little ham! This kid knows no limit to his flirting... He works everyone in his presence with his giant infectious grin! He's clearly a Momma's boy. I'm pretty sure he's spent close to 90% of his waking life in Momma's arms... Of course Momma can't say no! What a cutie.

Daddy's Girl!!

Aubrey is so clearly different than her brother & sister! She is just the sweetest, gentlest little girl... Whenever she hears Daddy's voice she lights up with the biggest smile! She truly is a special little girl. It's so fun to watch their little personalities blooming!

The Little Baker!

Mia is definitely what you would call a 'Tomboy'. She is very into cars, bikes and playing in the garage! This suits Daddy just fine... However, lately Momma was growing a little concerned that Mia only liked boy toys. Daddy assured Momma that this was quite natural, but Mom likes to worry nonetheless... So Momma was very excited the other night when Mia saw a commercial for the 'Magic Rise Oven' and declared she would like the princess version! Needless to say, Momma had it overnighted to the house, and the midget is now knee deep in fresh baked cupcakes!!

Note the tie-dye shirt she made at a birthday party last weekend. She is very proud!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Rainy Day!

Momma ordered a 'Thomas the Train' rain coat for Mia, and it arrived today! You'd have thought it was Hannukah come early... She promptly made Daddy button all of the buttons and get out her umbrella. Never mind that it's 85 degrees outside, we're having a rain dance...


Guess who has figured out that the twins are now able to play?! Momma bought a few laundry baskets to function as train cars, and Mia loaded up the fam... I think she's still a little amazed at how fun these animated, moving dolls are to play with. Those dolls would be her siblings!!

The Lady Killer!

Already practicing his moves!

Papa Time!

Stacy really enjoyed taking Mia to Kindermusic when she was a baby. So when it came time to enroll the twins, she faced the dilemma of handling two kids by herself... Thankfully a lot of family and friends have come through and helped out when schedules permit. Last week Grammy & Papa made the trek from Tucson to partake in the singing and dancing! As you can see, Brandon really enjoyed having Papa with him in class...

Grammy Time!

It was so nice for Stacy to have her parents with her to enjoy some quality time at Kindermusic! They love Grammy...

Wonder Twins!

They certainly weren't awake long enough to properly enjoy Halloween, but they had fun together nonetheless! Momma was awfully proud of their costumes. They seemed to enjoy getting dressed up and even gave Momma a big smile for the camera... It looks like Aubrey may have swalled a whole city! Heee heeeee

Last Minute Change!

As has become tradition, Mia decided at the very last minute to change her Halloween costume! For months she's been talking about being a super hero. Then, on Halloween night she made a u-turn and decided a cowboy, definitely not a cowgirl, would be a better fit... So Momma did an amazing job of making her into a suitable cowboy! She was so cute in her costume, and trick or treating door to door. This was the first year that she showed some autonomy and made Daddy wait by the street while she went up to each house with all the other kids! So cute to see her growing and flourishing...