Tuesday, March 16, 2010


During the last few weeks while Daddy has had to take over the domestic duties of the household, some fairly high level hair styling skills have been developed! Note the pony tails above... Momma claims she doesn't like the way Daddy does the midget's hair and that she looks like Pebbles! I'm fairly certain she's just jealous of the tremendous skills that Daddy has developed!

Terrible 3's!

Ok, truth be told, there's pretty much nothing terrible about this angel of a child! That being said, she's certainly moving into a more indepdendent phase of her childhood. Mommy & Daddy are often ignored, even for basic questions... Or when we're dressing her for school, wow that can be a chore these days! I'm not sure how much of this is her gaining independence and how much is simply the fact that she's spoiled beyond belief and views Mommy & Daddy as her humble servants!! We love our angel nonetheless, even if we have to be a little more aggressive in our disciplinary measures... Note the picture above where Daddy asked the midget to smile and say cheese. Her response? Yep, the picture says it all... Damn cutie!