Sunday, March 21, 2010

NICU Easter Egg Hunt!

The group of nurses at the Scottsdale Shea NICU have been simply amazing! Not only in the quality of their care for Brandon & Aubrey, but also in their treatment of our entire family. They host several events each year to bring together past and present families who have been through the NICU. We are so appreciative of these women that Mommy & Daddy sponsored the cupcakes for the annual NICU Easter Egg Hunt! Mia had an absolute blast eating hot dogs and cupcakes, while running around the park picking up candy filled eggs. Yes, we realize there was nothing healthy about this day! It's just amazing how much joy she brings to our life, and we can't wait to bring home her brother & sister...

Camera Ready!

Of course the news crew covering the NICU event found the most beautiful child to film! The camera guy saw Mia packing eggs into her back pack and came running over to get footage of the little cutie... So sweet!