Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summer Camp!

Mia is doing a gymnastics based summer camp with her best friend, Taylor! It's so amazing to see her growing level of autonomy. Here are the two cuties getting instruction... Note Taylor's pig tails. When they began hanging out, Mia had pig tails and Taylor sported a pony tail. In short order Mia began demanding her hair be put in a pony tail and Taylor insisted on a piggy tails. Their affection is so sweet...

Protein Shakes!

Mia is in a protein shake phase! Every day after work Daddy assembles the necessary fruits & vegetables while Mia determines which she feels like eating today. She then works the blender and takes great pride in drinking her fruity concoction in the same mandatory cup and straw! The model of health that child...

The Chubsters Continue to Grow!

Here are our super human children! They are now officially 16 weeks old, but really only 6 weeks old based on full gestation. Yet they weigh a whopping 13 pounds!! The same weight as Mia at 7 months. This picture is somewhat deceptive, as it hides the fact that Aubrey's cheeks could hide a watermelon... They truly are doing amazing. Just this past week we finally began to see a light at the end of tunnel, with regards to sleep. Everyone told us 12 lbs was the magic number, and they were right! We swaddle them up tight and put them to bed about 9 pm, and they sleep soundly until 4 or 5 am. Trust me, that is huge break through!! They are great children...

Play Time with Carmely!!

There is no shortage of great people in Mia's life. However, there is one who remains very special to her... Carmely!!!!! Carmel has been baby sitting Mia since she was a tiny baby. She does an amazing job of balancing structure with child like play time! Mia sure appreciates it. If she goes a few weeks without seeing Carmel she begins asking for her. It's so sweet to watch them play together and to see the love Mia has for her... Here they are playing dress up, Mia's latest favorite game!!

Tool Time!

We're pretty sure that the midget is a Tom Boy! Don't think for a moment that Daddy isn't thrilled about that... The other night she was very upset that she didn't have a tool belt. Daddy figured he better hurry and come up with something creative, or Momma would be off to the store buying yet another toy for the oh so spoiled child... Isn't she cute as a carpenter?!