Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ghengis Khan!

Tell me this kid isn't looking like he should have a chicken leg in one hand, a heirom of ladies around him, and be coordinating a massive war effort to conquer the world! Ok, maybe Daddy is projecting his dreams again...

Tubby Musician!

Thought this would be a great picture for Mia's wedding montage! Mommy bought her a waterproof xylophone and drum combo. She proceeded to put it on like a mariachi band and sing and entertain... Always the clown!

Drum Impersonator!

Somebody is already trying to be like big sister Mia! Here is Brandon doing his best impersonation of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow man as a drummer... Heeee heeeee. Note that this kid is so spoiled that even shag carpeting isn't suitable for his rump! Nope, he has the ultra plush Mr Giraffe to cradle his lazy ass...

Stage Show!

In the infamous words of Lebron James, "Yes we did!"... Here is the midget's own stage! It wasn't quite enough just to play the drums. Nope, she had to be elevated above her adoring fans!