Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Go Buckeyes!

Mia was awfully revved up for the start of the Ohio State Buckeyes football season! She could hardly wait to put on her cheerleading outfit and get to the Arcadia Tavern with Daddy to watch us whoop the Canes... Mommy's friend, Kim, even taught Mia & Taylor a cheer to entertain the boys! We're prepping her college application now to ensure a spot in the 2023 Ohio State Freshman class...

First Swim!

This week we decided to take the whole family to the Club for Mia's swimming lesson, and toss the newest midgets in the pool for their first swim! Here's Momma taking Little Man in for the first time. Neither kid really seemed too pleased or upset by the whole thing. I think it was so close to their bed time, being 5:30 pm, that they just wanted to go to sleep... In fact, after a brief swim Momma laid Brandon on the chair to change him and he was snoring before she got his swim diaper off!

Pre-Tubby Nakedness!

Here is a shot of our clearly malnourished premie children! Can you tell they're struggling to gain weight?!?! Those are some chubby monkeys...

The Slow Developer!

As I may have mentioned, Aubrey always seems to be about 3 weeks behind Brandon in each developmental phase. He's been hopping around in the exersaucer for a few weeks, and she's just now getting to a point where she doesn't face plant when we put her in there. Sleeping is pretty much the same. We were so happy when we got Brandon sleep trained a few weeks back. Now, this week, Aubrey has decided to begin singing each morning at about 3:30 am. She sings until Brandon wakes up, and has even been waking Mia, who stomps into Mommy & Daddy's room, bears in tow, to announce that Brandon has woken her up and she's angry! So time for sleep training round number 2... Wish us luck!

Saturday Morning Cartoons!

It is so much fun as the kids are progressing in their physical development and are more able to hang out with their big sister! Mia really loves them and is constantly hugging them, rolling around on them, and just generally smothering them with love. Can you pick out the Little Man in this picture? He's the one who is always either grinning ear to ear, or flirting!