Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Daddy was feeling bad that Mommy & Mia both have their names tattooed on his body, while Aubrey & Brandon were left out in the cold... So this week Daddy provided Aubrey with the best tattoo of them all! She seemed genuinely impressed! Much more so than Mommy was... I know what you're thinking, so don't worry. We're designing something special for Brandon next! Heeee heeeee

Mia's Teammate!

For whatever reason, Mia is, and has been, obsessed with baseball... Unfortunately, Mommy & Daddy can't stand the sport, but that sure doesn't slow her down! She continually asks us how many days until her 4th birthday, since that is the age she can join the local baseball team. Unfortunately, I'm not kidding! Nope, she's not asking how soon she can race her first go-kart or ride her dirt bike, which is crushing to Daddy... So, she decided to enlist her brother in her quest for baseball greatness. Here he is trying to play nicely on his own, while she dresses him up like her first baseman!

Car Wash!

We Arizonans are very excited that the summer heat has finally decided to give us a break! We cooled down to the 90's over the past week, and Mia decided it was appropriate to pull all her cars and bikes out of the garage for a good cleaning... She invited over her best buddy in the neighborhood, Easton, for a little assistance. They were so cute together! After they polished her pink Jeep, they cruised up and down the street together... She's the sweetest!

Crazy Sleeper!

Yep, this is our crazy kid Aubrey! She has decided that wrapping her blanket around and over her head while she sleeps is a very safe and comfy way to go... Actually, I'm proud to report that both babies are sleeping much better these days!! They both get a bath and a bottle around 5:30-6:00 pm, relax for a bit, and then hit the cribs about 6:00-6:30 pm. They fall asleep with no fussing and stay asleep, without making a peep, until about 5:00 am, give or take an hour! Life is looking up for Mommy & Daddy!!

The Original Mary!

These three young ladies sure do love the twins! Grammy brought two of her closest friends with her to visit last week. Mary Johnson & Chrissy Code have always played a huge role in Mommy's life, and they have been nothing but supportive and loving during the trials and tribulations of child birth. So to see them enjoying some quality time with Brandon & Aubrey, along with proud Grammy, was really special for all of us... Plus, Mia's favorite object on Earth is her Mary Bear. She is attached to this bear like you can't imagine! Mary Johnson was the generous giver of Mary a few years back, so Mia was mesmerized to meet the Original Mary! We're very lucky to have so much love in our lives...