Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Hannukah from St. Nick!

Yes, I realize we're Jewish, but hey, we're greedy! And tell me this isn't the cutest damn picture?! Our sweet neighbor Lucia offered to watch Brandon for a little while this afternoon so Momma could run to grab Mia from school. While she had him she took the liberty of dressing him up as Santa Claus and captured a bunch of hysterical little photos... He's jolly alright!

Rough Life!

These kids sure know how to work their Momma! It's truly amazing the amount of effort that goes into caring for these children... Usually only one rests at a time, but every once in a while they will simply wilt at about the same moment! Case in point. Here they are in the middle of being fed some yummy sweet potatoes, and both of them fall sound asleep! Couple of hams...

Progress at Last...

I'm happy to announce that in the last two weeks Aubrey has made tremendous progress! In no time she has begun rolling over, is sitting up strong, and even beginning to make progress towards crawling... Of course Bam Bam Brandon is Army crawling across the room. I'm afraid if we turn our back on him he may crawl off down the street and we'll find him hitting on a neighbor girl. It's really fun to watch them progressing!

Buckeye Nation Domination!

We may not be going to the National Championship, but we sure as hell put a proper whooping on Michigan! What better way to cap off a season?! Ryan's Mom & Dan visited for Thanksgiving, so they stopped by for the Ohio State game and a BBQ. Donna is so loving and sweet, and just ate up the children... There's our future Buckeye cheerleader!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from our midgets to yours!

Cute Cousins!

Mia had such a great time with her cousin, Hadley, that she bawled when we left to go home... The two of them were literally inseperable for 72 hours! It was so great to see how respectful and loving they were towards each other. Two very sweet little girls...

Reading with Papa!

On Thanksgiving afternoon I found Brandon hanging out with his Papa, learning about cars! It was a very proud moment for Daddy... Papa was passing along some of his immense automotive knowledge, and Brandon seemed to be soaking it up! Too cute.

The Cousins!

Alec & Gavin really enjoyed the twins! It was great for all the kids to get so much quality time with their cousins, who are absolutely fantastic children...