Monday, June 20, 2011

Momma's Big Lover!

The twins are going through a challenging stage, to say the least... Over the past few weeks they have gone from being very relaxed children who would allow anyone to hold them, to absolute psychotic terrors if Momma is more than 18 inches from their face! I'm barely exaggerating. Brandon especially is obsessed with Momma... He throws full blown tantrums when she even considers setting him down for a moment! Poor Momma...

Daddy's Girls!

Nothing like a little quality time with Daddy's favorite girls on Father's Day!!

Happy Daddy's Day!

What a fantastic Father's Day! Mommy started the day with fresh pancakes and gifts. The best gift was the Super Man t-shirt that Mia was adamant about getting Daddy, to match her shirt. A leisurely afternoon of swimming and barbecuing wrapped up a near perfect day! The twins even got to spend a little time in the water. Brandon absolutely loves swimming and would spend all day in the pool. Aubrey is a little hesitant, as she is with most things in life! Of course big sissie Mia rarely comes up for air she's so proficient at swimming these days... A great day for a very lucky Daddy!

Daddy's Girl...

Mia sure enjoyed the Father's Day swim party! She's become a total fish. At the mear mention of pool time, she's in her suit, goggles on and ready to go! It's so nice to know that we don't have to worry about her quite the way we used to around water... Look at that beautiful smile. She'll always be Daddy's special girl!

Big Boy!

Little man spent Father's Day lounging pool side in his favorite chair. As you can tell by this picture, he's a bit of a giant! Apparently the protein shakes and powerlifting routines are having an impact... There's just more of him to love!!

Final Bottles!!!!!

Tonight was our bittersweet final bottle feeding! We're thrilled to be done with preparing and washing bottles, but it's somewhat sad to think that all of our children have already grown past this phase... Mommy has been trying to ease them away from their bottles over the past few weeks. As any experienced parent can tell you, the 'easing' concept just doesn't work. It's all or nothing! So, as of today we're going with the 'nothing' principle... Wish us luck!

Night Night!

This is the view we get each evening as we say goodnight to our little lovers! They are both so sweet and cute in their cribs, excitedly getting ready to snuggle in with their bears and blankies... Two cuties!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Martian Invasion!

This weekend will be Mia's second dance recital. As last year, she & her best friend Taylor are very excited... Mommy took a bunch of photos during their rehearsal this week, and this photo just blew me away! These two little girls truly love each other... So sweet!

Family Getaway!

For the long Memorial Day weekend we took the kids to a local resort for a little getaway! We had an absolute blast swimming all day, and relaxing in the evening. The twins have reached an age where they are non stop fun! Seemingly overnight they have become little animated people, with very strong personalities... Aubrey & Brandon are constantly battling each other, to the point of head butting each other to get their way. Much like their older sister, they are very happy children who seem to have great dispositions! We are very lucky to have these crazy little midgets in our lives, and we can't wait to see what the next few years bring... That is, other than the abnormally large grocery bills we already contend with!

The Pose!

The midget decided to put on a runway fashion show while enjoying an evening in the hotel room... She was very serious with her various poses! We call this one the 'debonair' pose! She certainly is a natural beauty, if not a total ham...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pretty Girl...

While at the hotel, Aubrey spent some time doing some posing of her own! She is so cute how much she loves being photographed. As soon as she sees the camera, she stops doing whatever she is doing and puts on her best smile... Utter Cuteness!!

The Lovell Train!

For Mother's Day, Mommy got the greatest stroller on Earth! Not only is it a full jog stroller for twins, but it has a 'Joey Chair' attachment. Now Mia can ride along in her elevated platform chair, acting as the conductor of the train... Mia thinks this is the greatest thing on Earth, and Momma is thrilled to have all the kids contained in one pushable unit for her morning walks to Safeway!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Molly Visits!!

Kenny & Molly flew in from NJ for a visit this weekend. Mia & Molly were born one day apart, and were in the same orphanage in Janxi for 7 months! They haven't seen each other since they were little babies, so we were all very excited about their visit. The girls took about 3 minutes to get comfortable with each other, and immediatly began setting up a restaurant, playing school & then headed out for some quality Jeep time... Adorable little Chinese dolls!

Boy's Bear!

Little Buddy has grown fond of his teddy bear. Here he is snuggling with him during nap time! So cute...

Little DJ

Cute little Aubers found Mia's headphones and was adamant about wearing them for several hours! She looked like a little DJ getting ready to spin some tunes... Gotta love those rosey cheeks!