Friday, January 14, 2011

Tiny Dancer!

Mia is completing her second year of dancing and really enjoys it! Here she is with her instructor, Miss Caroline, after her most recent recital... It's so cute to see her tapping and twirling! She is growing so very quickly and the changes from month to month are dramatic. Kinda makes us feel old already! Heee heeeeee

The Freak!

While not the best photo, this picture is very representative of the way Brandon spends most days! He is extremely mobile now... If you turn your back for literally 15 seconds, he is in the other room trying to eat a lamp or smash a toy! Wow, what a boy he is... In contrast, sweet Aubrey is still content to sit in one place playing gently with the nearest toy! The disparity between their development levels continues to decrease, but the contrast is still quite dramatic. Our PT assures us that she is fine and has committed to having her crawling by her birthday, February 28th, and walking by Mother's Day! I think she might be a bit of an optimist, but I like her style...

Sibling Love...

The bond between Mia & Aubrey has really grown into something special... It's so sweet to see how close they are, and how excited Mia gets when Aubrey wakes up from nap time! I can't imagine raising Mia as an only child now that we're experiencing the joy of their blossoming relationship!

Best Buds!

Not to be outdone by his twin sister, Brandon is sure to maintain his tight bond with big sister Mia... Here he is spending a little quality time in her latest cave creation! I think he used to be Mia's favorite, but now that he is so mobile and mischievious, he frustrates her by continually foiling her best laid plans for a cave or nest. It's really quite enjoyable to watch him tear through the house like a sandstorm!