Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy 1st Birtday Twinlets!

Of course Momma dressed the twins in matching #1 onsies for their first birthday! Here they are doing their 'touchdown' poses to impress Mommy & Daddy! We had loads of fun celebrating the twins first birthday tonight. Mia was so excited to pick out cupcakes for them. Then she made sure to dig out the birthday candles and presented them with their first real dessert. The pictures that follow will attest to the fact that they clearly like dessert!! Can you believe they are already one?!

Definitely Likes Sugar!

Yep, this would be the look of pure, unadulterated joy! Big boy had his first cup cake and literally reveled in it... By that I mean he sniffed it once, and promptly ground it into his entire face and spread it all around. I think I heard little grunts of joy, but it was hard to tell because his noises were being muffled by chocolate cup cake!!

First Cupcake!!

Somebody learned today that cupcakes are incredibly yummy! She sure had a lot of fun eating her first chocolate cupcake... Pretty sure that won't be the last!

Big Boy is 1

Wow, could this kid be any better prepared for trouble?!?!?! He is all boy, massively aggressive and ready to take on the world... He's clearly been honing his smile for the ladies!

The Princess is 1

The Princess is no longer an infant!!!!!!!!! Holy moly, hide the car keys...

Happy Chinese New Year!

Can you believe that this was our 4th Chinese New Year celebration with Mia?! Wow, time flies... The annual FCC (Families with Children from China) New Years celebration was this past weekend. Momma worked very hard, as always, raising donations for the auction, selling raffle tickets, and helping out all day. The event was a huge success, and Mia had so much fun! The event concludes with a wonderful parade. The children are gathered by province and each group carries their province's banner. Mia was so proud to be with her Guangdong province cohorts and proudly carried her flag! Momma's focus on continually including Mia's heritage and making China such a big part of our life is really enjoyable for all of us, and provides Mia with a great sense of identity!

Big Sister Support!

This was the first year that Mia celebrated Chinese New Year with siblings! The twins had such a great time at the FCC NY celebration. Aubrey even sported one of Mia's old outfits we got in China... They are such social children, and really enjoyed themselves!