Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spring Training!

So here is the best story! Mommy & Daddy go away for the weekend with Mia, leaving the twins at home with Kassy, a babysitter we use who has become one of the family. On Sunday morning Momma says she misses the twins and feels bad that we left them home. A few hours later Kassy texts this picture to Mommy and announces that she's taken Brandon & Aubrey to their first Spring Training baseball game... How bout that? Brandon spends his Sunday afternoon hanging at the ball park with a couple young ladies, while Momma's feeling bad for him! Daddy hasn't even made it to a game yet this year... These kids have the life! Apparently all the beer & hot dogs wore them out, cause they were tired when we got home!

Sledding in Flagstaff

It's been quite a while since Mommy & Daddy got quality time alone with the midget. So we left the twins in the caring hands of Kassy, and headed up to Flagstaff for the weekend. Mia's last sledding experience was when she was 2 years old and face planted on her first run. So we were hoping for a better experience this go round. Thankfully she had an absolute blast! The first run scared her a bit as she wasn't expecting the speed and bumps. After a few runs she really got into it and had a blast! She even made a few runs on her own... After a long day of snow play, we headed to downtown Flagstaff for a pizza & some warm milk. A fantastic day!

Snow Play!

After working up a sweat sledding, we decided to wander off into the woods and build a snow man. The snow was starting it's spring thaw, so while we couldn't make snow angels, we sure could make snow balls to throw at Mom!! Mia loved it...

Off Roading!

On Sunday we drove down from Flagstaff to Sedona for the afternoon. Along the way we took a little off roading excursion in Daddy's new 4x4. Mia was thrilled that she was able to sit up front with Mommy & Daddy while on the trails... We stopped off for a photo op with two of the world's most beautiful women!

Ice Cream in the Park!

After a nice long weekend of quality Mia time, we ended our Sunday with some ice cream in the park! We found a great little park in Sedona with beautiful ducks, slow running water and amazing tranquility. We'll definitely be back...

Shabbat Shalom!

Every Friday Mia's class has a Shabbat celebration, followed by services in the Temple. Each week a different parent gets to be the 'Shabbat Parent' and help serve snacks, read stories. etc. This past Friday was Mommy's turn! Mia was so excited to not only show off her Momma to her class mates, but also her twins siblings... Mia asked if Aubs could sit with her in Temple, which you see above. She sure loves those twins!! By the way, notice Brandon creeping up over the back of the pew... That kid is always up to no good!