Sunday, March 27, 2011

Little Man's 1st Hair Cut!

Momma has been stressing for some time about the twins' unruly hair. So, last week she took them to a children's salon called Snippety Do Dah! Here is our strapping young man getting his first hair cut. I'm not sure what he's doing at the moment of this picture, but this expression is usually reserved for when he is flirting with some pretty girl... He did great, no tears, and looks very handsome now!

Sweet Aub's 1st Hair Cut!

Surprisingly, both kids did really well. Tracy was kind enough to come along and help Momma try and keep things under control... Aubrey was a little unsure of the whole venture, but really put on her game face and did well. Aubrey is now sporting a fresh trim, with a single Pebbles style pony tail on top of her head. All 2-3 inches of it... So sweet!

Little Babe Ruth!

Mia had her first T-ball game this past Tuesday! She was so excited to don her entire uniform! I must admit, she was strikingly cute in her full get up. We've been going to cousin Nick's games for years with Mia cheering him on, so he showed up to reverse roles and cheer her on. She was so proud and we sure were proud of her... She's the best!

On Deck...

Here is our big hitter getting ready to put on her batting helmet and go up to bat! She hit with her first swing both times, and had so much fun running the bases... It's so cute to see how much she loves baseball. The two other girls on her team are equally as serious. In fact, the head coach's daughter, Gracie, actually hit a home run!

Purim Festival

Mia had a Purim Festival at school last week. She got to dress up as her favorite character, and of course she chose to be the King! They marched in a parade, shared Challah bread and then spent time singing songs in Temple. She had a blast, and was so happy to have Mommy, Brandon & Aubrey with her all day...

The New Playroom!

The quest to complete the kid's new playroom is just about done! Daddy spent all day Saturday building storage containers and organizing the new space. Mia, like most children, has a penchant for ignoring fancy toys and turning ordinary household items into joyous wonders! Take for instance our new storage tubs. Mia decided they are containers for her & the twins to hang out in... Aubs wasn't so enthused, but boy is up for anything his big sister proposes. It's great to finally have space of their own!