Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday BBQ

Sunday afternoon we had some neighbors & friends over for some swimming & bbq! It was a gorgeous 95 degree day, and Mia had an absolute blast playing with all the boys... Here she is doing her best Cleopatra impersonation! Actually, the boy right behind her in this picture is Wolfie, Kurt & Sue's son. He is Mia's first crush! It's so cute to watch her follow him around all starry eyed. It's also good because he knows Daddy, and thus he fears Daddy!! We've got our eyes on him... Heeee heeeee

Dining Out...

Brandon & Aubrey really enjoyed their first BBQ! Momma brought their high chairs out into the back yard and they relaxed in the shade, eating their peas & chicken... Neither of them cared much for the swimming, as evidenced by their screaming as Daddy tried to take them in the water! So, back to the food... Something they do well!