Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Freak Show!

While Mia still loves her tubby time, she's slowing progressing to showers. Her latest is to wear her goggles in the shower, and put on a show for her brother & sister! The twins are absolutely fascinated by her antics, and would spend hours watching her shower... They idolize that girl. It's a twisted little group of people! Heeeee heeeeee

Welcome Home Daddy!

Daddy doesn't travel much for work anymore now that we have a house full of midgets! However, last week Daddy had to make a quick overnight trip to his Tulsa office. Coming home is always so amazing... Here's Daddy holding all three kids at once for a great big welcome home!! There is nothing like coming home to a house full of love and happiness! Children sure make you realize what matters in life.

Amazing Cousins!

For Easter / Passover we went to Palm Springs to meet all of Stacy's family, as well as Mary & Bill's entire clan! We spent several lazy days hanging out poolside, barbecuing, and enjoying quality time with all the kids... The entire Johnson clan were extremely welcoming and loving, as always. However, Kelly & Ken have a few kids who are truly over the top. Sarah, seen in the picture above, and her sister Anna, are absolutely amazing with the twins! They were constantly helping us by looking out for them, holding them, loving them and just generally being the sweetest kids you could imagine. Mia and the twins sure are lucky to have so many loving people in their lives!

Uncle Freddy!

Big B got some quality bonding time with his Uncle Freddy! It was great to get to see Fred & D, and meet their sweet kids, Foster & Josie. All of the kids spent the better part of the vacation playing on the sandy beach at the pool. The sand toys and castle building were a mega hit for sure...

Hadley Sleep Over!

Mia and her cousin, Hadley, had sleep overs every night at the hotel. Hadley was so sweet with her little cousin, and they played so well together all weekend. During our Easter egg hunt Alec & Gavin even helped to ensure Mia found her share of the eggs. Mia always gets very sad when we have to leave her cousins... She sure loves them. So sweet!