Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blue Thunder!

While in Ohio, Mia decided it was time to lose the training wheels! One day, after seeing some other kids riding bikes, she announced she was done with training wheels. It was the most amazing thing. She literally hopped on her bike and rode off!! There was no teaching involved... She's now been riding for several weeks, and still hasn't had a serious fall. Uncle Chris lent her a bike while in Ohio that she fell in love with, and nicknamed Blue Thunder! He was kind enough to ship it to us, and you'd have thought it was the first day of Chanuka when it arrived this week. She's awfully proud, and so are we!

The Train!!

It's quite a scene to see Momma pushing three children in a stroller! It's so hot in AZ right now that she takes them out before Daddy is even up for work... I guess that narrows it down to anytime before noon! :) Mia loves being the conductor of the train!