Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Obstinant One...

Our little Aubs is finally progressing through her milestones. In March she started crawling, but she still isn't walking at 17 months! Thankfully, we've completed just about every type of test imaginable, including an MRI, and all results lead to one conclusion: the girl is simply stubborn & obstinant! Finally, last week she stood up and took 10 steps. Then she promptly sat back down and hasn't walked again... The doctors say it's no big deal since she was born 3 months early, so really her 'corrected age' is more like 14 months. Either way, it's a relief to see her progressing and to see her little personality developing, which allows us to realize that #3 is simply going to challenge us for many years to come. Life happens the way she wants it to, not based on anyone else's expectations! Great, never seen that from a Lovell before... :)


Apparently Big Boy has decided he is an angel, or butterfly or some other strange creature that a little boy should not be impersonating! Truth be told, he really is a sweet little angel. He's growing so quickly these days... He's running to keep up with his big sister, learning his first few words, and has developed a very sweet and happy dispostion. He's our butterfly boy!