Friday, December 9, 2011


Mommy bought cute little antlers for all the kids, that actually light up & blink! As usual, Aubs is the ham who wears them around smiling and posing... She is such a ham! But darn cute...

Holiday Lists!

This is the first year that Mia can fully appreciate the benefit of being a kid during the holidays! She has been busy making her Christmas & Hannukah lists for months... In fact, we can't get through a TV program without her rewinding to make sure Mommy & Daddy know that she absolutely must have the toy on the commercial she just saw! She's also taking her catalog shopping quite seriously... Here she is perusing catalogs with the support of her twin siblings!

LA Adventure!

This past weekend Momma & Mia had a girls weekend. They went to see Chrissy & Sascha in LA, while Daddy stayed home with the twins. Sascha is two years older then Mia, but they have a very tight bond. In fact, Sascha was the first little girl we met when we were exploring adopting from China. Unfortunately, Russell & Christine moved back to LA earlier this year... So now it takes a little more effort to see them, but you can tell by the smiles in the pictures that it's worth the effort!

Sleepy Sisters!

The girls never stopped all weekend long... Between cupcake decorating, petting zoos, trips to see Santa, and of course the random performances coreographed by Sascha, the girls were exhausted. Well, at least Mia was... It's so cute that even at almost 5 years old, Mia still sucks her middle three fingers when she gets absolutely exhausted. She sure slept well the night she returned from LA!

Santa Visit!

The girls even got to visit with Santa during their big LA weekend... Mia was sure to let him know that she wanted a puppy, which is never going to happen if Daddy has anything do do with it! So she settled on a Transformer toy... It's always cute to see a couple of Jewish Chinese girls sitting on Santa's lap!!