Wednesday, November 21, 2012

First Harley Ride!!

Mia experienced her first Harley ride this past weekend.  It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and Mia was the coolest biker in the neighborhood...  She can't wait to learn to ride her very own dirt bike this winter!

Big Kid Bunk Beds!!

The crazy kooks spent their first night in their new bunk beds!  They were so excited they could hardly contain themselves as they were being set up.  Aubrey walked in, took one look at the bunk beds, and exclaimed, "They're amazing!".  It was so fun crawling into bed with them hem and reading books at bedtime...  Even Mia participated!  Thankfully, the twins slept soundly through their first night, and we even had to wake Brandon up 12 hours later!  Big Boy sure can sleep...

Last Night in Cribs!

This week our new bunk beds arrived and so we experienced our final night with cribs in the Lovell home!  Mia was very cognizant of the pending change, and wanted to ensure we marked the event with pictures on the final night...  Here are the sweet angels on their final night as babies!!  Sure goes fast...

The King & Queen!

Our sweet little Aubrey has decided that she is a Princess, and would like to be referred to as such!  Mia, having never been the girlie girl, is happy to oblige.  So recently Mia has begun treating Aubs & Daddy as the King & Queen!  She makes us sit on our thrones, kisses our rings, and then brings us snacks...  It's quite fun for all involved.  And yes, I called her our sweet little Aubrey!!  Much has changed in a short period of time.  Aubrey really has become sweet, gentle and nothing but fun...  Miracles do happen!

Happy Halloween 2012

This year we had our annual Halloween party for all the neighbors, and the kids had an absolute blast!  This was the first year that Mia's focus was on maximum candy collection...  And this was also the first year that the twins really seemed to understand what was this holiday was all about.  We had so much fun watching the joy and excitement in all of the children's eyes!

The Lady Bug Princess!

Aubrey was so sweet wandering house to house and collecting candy in her little wings!  The twins really enjoyed Halloween this year, and especially enjoyed being pulled around the neighborhood in a wagon...