Monday, January 9, 2012

Sick Kids!

The twins are going through some serious growth spurts. They've got teeth tearing through their gums in every which direction, are getting taller by the day, and boy is it wreaking havoc! Their sleep schedule gets screwed up because they get so cranky they don't nap well some days, and then the fatigue lowers their immune system and they get sick. Wow, it's really a fun cycle to partake in! Here is Aubrey passed out cold around dinner time after refusing to nap... For all their crazy, chaotic phases, they are so sweet & such amazingly cuddly little lovers! It helps that they've got a great Momma who sacrifices her own health to make sure they are fed, nurtured & deeply loved.

Happy Birthday Monkey Boom!

Mia woke up the other morning and announced that it was her monkey's birthday! So what was a good Momma to do but arrange for a party... By the time I got home from work, I found that Momma had gotten cupcakes and candles, and arranged a party for the whole family!! Mia was beside herself with excitement and went to bed happy and cuddling her monkey, aka Monkey Boom! Lucky little girl...

Quality Time!

Life with our expanded family is so crazy & chaotic. It used to be such a joy to sit down every day or two and post to the blog. Now, it's something we have to remind each other to accomplish as we're so tired by the time the kids are down... It seems equally difficult for Mommy to get quality time alone with Mia. So over the long holiday weekend Mommy & Daddy got a sitter for the twins and we spent the day with Mia. It was like old times! We had a long picnic in the partk, smelled roses, fed the ducks and played on the swings. We absolutely love the twins, but it sure is nice to get quality alone time with our little Chinese angel!! A wonderful day...

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year from all the Lovell midgets! This was the first year that Mia was old enough to actually understand and celebrate the holiday with us. We stayed home and invited a few families over. The house was absolute chaos with children screaming and running in every direction... And that's exactly what made it so enjoyable! Big Boy donned the requisite party hat and blew his horn to bring in the new year. Albeit a few hours early!

First Cocktail

Mia got to enjoy her very first cocktail on New Years Eve! A delicious sparkling apple cider... All of the older kids toasted the new year, and then promptly passed out!