Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sick Girl...

This weekend the Lovell's celebrated Cinqo De Mayo by all battling the flu!  Yep, once again we're all sick...  Thankfully Daddy got it first, and the lightest, so someone was able to be a caretaker.  The twins went down next, and by Saturday night Mia & Mommy were hit pretty hard.  Here is Mia looking none to entertained that Daddy is taking pictures of her preparing to lose her lunch!  Poor girl...

Big Boy Napper!

This past week our home was a construction zone while we emptied all of the bedrooms and replaced the carpet with wood floors.  Wow, did we live in chaos for a few days...  At nap time Momma was either driving the kids around while they slept, or putting them in their sleeping bags in our bedroom, as evidenced above.  If you click on the picture you'll see B is missing part of his eye lashed on his left eye!  He fell down and cut his eye lid a few weeks back. The wound healed quickly, but the diminished blood supply caused his eye lashes to fall out.  It looks funny because he has such long lashes...  Little man sure knows how to wound himself!

Take Me To Your Leader!

Mia is just about the silliest girl I know...  She's always finding new ways to enterain herself, and those around her!  Here she is pretending to be an alien. Goof ball!!

Mia's Favorite!

Mia's Uncle Jesse, Momma's cousin, came over for dinner the other night.  Mia's a pretty social girl, but usually takes a bit to warm up to people.  She obviously has known Jesse for quite a while, but really fell in love with him during this visit.  They played together studying Spanish and entertaining each other for several hours...  Mia had a blast!


Aubrey would never take a pacifier as a child. However, she's now decided that it's funny to entertain Mommy & Daddy by taking her doll's pacifier and putting it in her mouth... She'll ride all the way to school like this, while feeling very proud of herself!  Silly...

Paging Dr. Aubrey!

As you can tell by her expression, Aubrey was quite proud of this costume!  Usually these sweet moments are followed closely behind by a pushing match with Brandon & Aubrey both claiming ownership of said costume or toy, and potentially involving biting, hair pulling or wrestling.  I'm barely exaggerating... 

Lazy Bones!

Aubrey sure enjoys relaxing in front of the TV with a snack...  Recently she discovered she could hoist her chair onto the ottoman and create her very own home theater experience! 

Daddy's Big Helper!

Mia has always been very inquisitive as to Daddy's tools & projects.  As she gets older, she's really become helpful. Recently she helped Daddy to wire brush & repaint the fence.  It was an extremely hot day and Mia was a trooper!