Thursday, May 17, 2012


This week was Mia's graduation from Pre-K.  The school made a really big production which included a procession into the Temple, each child receiving a diploma and speeches by the teachers.  As the children received their diploma they each addressed the audience and stated what they want to be when they grow up.  Mia apparently has decided she wants to be a doctor, which is very Jewish of her!  Then the teachers said something about each child in the class.  Their were comments were about creative clothing choices, OCD, etc.  However, their comment about Mia struck me as interesting, since it's the very same statement I've often heard about her mother...  Her teacher said that Mia is always quick to include any children being left out, and is always a friend to those who are down or in need.  She's lucky to have a role model such as Stacy, and apparently others are noticing what we've always known.  Simply put, Mia is an amazingly sweet & beautiful little girl with a very gentle & kind spirit.  She's our angel...

All Grown Up...

It is crazy to think that Mia just completed her 4th year at Chanen Preschool, and is headed off to Kindergarten.  She has learned so much, and grown so fast...  At the end of the graduation ceremony they all said the Pledge of Allegiance.  Then, they turned to the Israeli flag and said the entire Israeli state pledge in Hebrew, and Mia knew every word.  It's amazing the things she has learned which we're not even aware of...  She is truly an amazing child, and we're very lucky to share in her life!

First Rain Storm!

The other day we have a freak rain storm during the midst of our latest heat wave!  The twins could hardly wait to break out their rain gear.  They were not messing around.  They busted out boots, jackets and umbrella's before the first drops hit the ground... It was so fun to see them playing in the rain!

Bat Gear!

Mia was thrilled to break out her Bat Man rain gear for the first time!  You gotta admit that her Bat cape is awfully cool...  She was proud to teach her little siblings what 'playing in the rain' is all about!