Thursday, May 24, 2012

RV Trip to New Mexico!

This past weekend we rented an RV and took the kids to New Mexico to visit their Grandparents! As you can tell by Mia's face, it was nothing but a party...  In fact, here she is in her private bedroom area over the cab of the RV.  She thought it was the greatest thing on Earth!  Visiting Grandma & Grandpa was really relaxing, as they live in a ghost town called Hillsboro, NM.  It literally defines 'Middle of Nowhere'...  What a great chance for the kids to play in the creek, roam down a dusty road & play with the dogs!  We had a wonderful weekend together.

Digging for Relics!

As anyone who knows my Mother is aware, she's very much into history! Living in a ghost town has provided her an opportunity to dig for relics.  Amazingly, she found a 125 year old Chinese coin on her property and had it made into a ring for Stacy a while back. It turns out that during the Silver rush of the 1890's, the Chinese were brought in as laborers, and their encampment was exactly where she lives today! Mia & Aubrey enjoyed working the metal detector and digging.  They unearthed several nails, a spoon, and part of a harmonica from the 1800's.  A very cool experience for them...

Grandpa Ray!

The kid's really enjoyed hanging out with Grandpa Ray, and going for a ride in his Kuboda UTV!  As evidenced by Aubrey's cuddle in this picture, she is very much a hugger and kisser, unlike her older sister...  It was really sweet to see them enjoying quality time with their grandparents!

Momma Love!

No matter where we are, Momma's love heals all...


It was really nice to hang out with the kids and parents for a few days of quiet relaxation...  I was a little frightened to journey to an area with no cell service or internet.  However, I must say that it was great to be able to focus solely on the kids, with no interuptions!

Puppy Nap!

Brandon has definitely decided to do things his own way...  Not sure where he would have gotten that rebel streek from?!  At Grandma's he decided to lay down for a nap in Murphy's dog bed.  Hey, why not?  It's the perfect size...

Safety First!

Aubrey is nothing if not entertaining...  Here she practices her best rendition of 'put the plastic bag over your head' for Grandma!  Gotta love the smile.