Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Prep!

Here's Mia modeling her new Halloween cape, as she anxiously awaits the big day!  Halloween is a big day in the Lovell household.  In fact, it's become our children's favorite holiday, by far.  It doesn't hurt that Halloween also happens to be when Papa & Grammy take our whole clan to Disneyland for an extended weekend of fun & chaos...  This will be the first year that we take the twins along with us, and big sister Mia can hardly wait to show them around the park.  Gonna be a fun month!!

Double Trouble!

The twins continue to evolve so quickly that it's amazing!  Thankfully they seem to have moved past the trouble of the past few months, and I don't say that lightly...  Aubrey damn near killed us as a family.  Once again she has rebounded into the absolute sweetest of kids.  Big Boy is now becoming quite the handful, but anything seems manageable after Aub's last phase.  They are endlessly sweet & entertaining, even when causing trouble!

Brutus Beefcake!

Meathead, as Daddy affectionately refers to Brandon, is certainly growing into quite the beefcake.  He has a hard time keeping his shirt on, and just loves to wrestle...  In fact, it's a little challenging keeping meathead from swinging swords at everyone he encounters.  Not the most endearing of traits, but certainly to be expected from a young man coming of age!  Or so we keep telling ourselves... 

Dance Party!

The kids absolutely love having dance parties!  We routinely crank up the stereo and everyone, including Mommy & Daddy, breaks into their best rendition of Disco Fever.  I would imagine it might be frightening for an outsider to watch, but it sure is fun...  Aubrey, being the ham that she is, occasionally breaks into her own solo dance parties, as evidenced above!  Total family craziness.

Papa's Papperia!

On Saturday morning Mia decided to surprise Daddy with her very own restaurant!  She was hostess, server and cook...  Not only did she seat us promptly, and provide a very well written menu, but she created a wonderful fruit bowl as an appetizer.  The best part was that she named the restaurant 'Papa's Papperia'.  Apparently an ode to Papa, who she's smitten with... (Stacy's Dad!)