Thursday, February 28, 2013

Crazy Birthday Girl!!

Even though the Twins turned 3 today, we aren't having their big birthday party until this weekend.  So tonight we all went out for pizza, and then went for ice cream at The Sugar Bowl, their favorite place!  It's hard to believe they are already 3.  We no longer have babies, or even toddlers...  Here is Aubrey doing her crazy face!  She was quite proud of this picture...

Best Gift!

For their 3rd birthday, the Twins got matching glider bikes.  Aubrey didn't much care for hers, even in pink...  Brandon on the other hand is obsessed, to the point of even riding it inside!  So cute together!!!

Is Someone Sleepy?!?!

With all of this birthday craziness over the past few weeks, Brandon was a little zonked...  There is nothing like a nap in Momma's loving arms!  Looks like Momma wasn't too far behind.

Mia the Baker!

A few days before the Twin's birthday, Mia asked if she could make them a cake! So on Sunday Mia & Daddy spent the afternoon baking them a cake... Mia took exceptional pride in writing 'Happy Birthday A&B Love". It was awfully yummy!!