Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Big Party!

This year the parties never seemed to end...  This past weekend we finally had the twin's big birthday party, marking the end of birthday season!  Brandon was so excited by his Shamu cake, as that has been his obsession for close to a year now.  Aubs, being the girlie girl that she is, was thrilled by her Ariel cake!  Now that the parties are over, it's almost surreal to think that we no longer have any babies or toddlers.  We went from not being able to leave the home due to the extreme level of chaos, to having 3 little people in our lives who have developed very strong, independent and fun personalities. They are all so different, yet incredibly fun and beautiful in their individual ways.  We're really looking forward to spring break and summer vacations this year!!

Party Fun!

As always, Momma pulled off a wonderful party full of loads of surprises for all 60 kids!  The gym where the party was this year turned out to be loads of fun for the adults too, and everyone partied for close to 3 hours...  Here is Big Boy still scarfing down Shamu cake!

Princess Ariel & Shamu!

Momma had the usual 'characters of the moment' make their appearance. This year it was Princess Ariel for Aubrey and Shamu for Big Boy!  We've got a running joke that Momma finds these characters at  They get a little more questionable each year!  The kids don't seem to notice though, and they were a hit as always.

Shabbat Parents!

Last week we got to be the 'Shabbat Parents' for the twin's class!  They were so excited to light the candles with us, and to see us read books to their class.  Afterwards we celebrated their birthday, yet again, with cupcakes for the whole class.  It's strange, with Mia everything was new.  It's harder to make sure we attend everything with the twins, as we've been there, done that.  It's definitely a focus to make sure we don't cheat them out of any experiences, and make sure we are present for everything they experience.  It's definitely easier for Mommy...  Then you see their cute little smiling faces and you remember why it's always worth the extra effort!