Friday, July 26, 2013

Dress Up!

With the long, hot summer upon us, what's a kid to do but dress up as their favorite character and play make believe!  I think the costume choices speak for themselves...  Being pent up indoors takes it's toll. Tomorrow morning we're headed to California for a week of cool weather and beach time!!  The kids can hardly wait...

Good Puppy!

Mia has not lost her fascination with puppies!  Oddly, over the summer it's morphed from wanting a puppy into wanting us to treat her like a puppy...  She has decided that she is a boy puppy named Rancis!  She has taught us that one bark means no, and two barks means yes.  She even went to so far as to acquire a dog collar and asks to be taken for walks around the house.  Yes, I know, very strange!  Here she is in her 'dog bed' with her puppy brother and her chew toy.  The strange creativity of children!!