Thursday, October 31, 2013

Annual Halloween Party!

This year marked our 7th Annual Halloween party at the Lovell abode.  Every year it gets a little bigger, and a lot more fun!  The kids love having the whole neighborhood over, and Momma loves cooking for the whole city...  This was the first year that the kids were big enough to run house to house without being carried, or whining.  An absolute joy!

The Duo!

These two little clowns have really blossomed into some fun and entertaining little people!  They are so animated, and have a natural humor that never ceases to amaze us...  Here they are enjoying one of their dozen or so Halloween costumes!

Natural Beauty!

Momma snapped this picture of Mia worked diligently on her pumpkin.  Her natural beauty is astounding...

Pumpkin Carving!

On Tuesday night we had a family pumpkin carving contest!  As expected, the twins just wanted to play with the pumpkin guts while Mia painstakingly spent almost 2 hours carving a scary face...  She was the clear winner!  Halloween gets more enjoyable every year...

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween from Hef & his Angel...  She sure is pretty!