Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgivukkah at the Beach!

This year we made the trek to sunny San Diego for Thanksgiving & a few nights of Hanukkah!  The kids were absolutely thrilled to spend time with their cousins, and a little beach time never hurts...  Any quality family time is an absolute party at the ages the kids are.  We ate turkey, lit the Menorah and hit a few surf shops!  Perfect combination to make the kids smile.

The Snail Monster Returns!

By now I'm surprised they don't stop us at the border and immediately arrest Aubrey on site!  She has such an all encompassing obsession with snails it's not even funny.  During this visit it rained a bit in Cali, which made for prime snail hunting conditions.  Here is sweet little Aubs with an entire bucket full of prisoners... Papa was a real sport and accompanied her on her daily snail hunts while at Aunt Caren's and Uncle Pat's. 

Snuggle Monsters!

Momma has a routine whenever we're in Cali.  She gets up early with the twins and sneaks out of the room so Mia & Daddy can sleep in...  The twins are definitely morning people, like Momma!  Here they are dancing along the shore in their new monster sweatshirts one morning.  Kinda fit their personality, huh?!