Thursday, December 19, 2013

Teddy Bear Tea!

Stacy has a holiday tradition of taking the kids to Teddy Bear Tea at the Ritz. They absolutely love it!  Unfortunately, Mia couldn't make it this year, as she is in school full time now...  The twins had an absolute blast.  Especially since Big Boy loves teddy bears!

Christmas at Disney!

Because our children are so disadvantaged, Stacy decided we needed to take them for one final trip to Disneyland before the new year!  We shot over for a quick weekend and were amazed by what we found...  Disney at Christmas is truly amazing.  One night, after an amazing fireworks show and parade, we began wandering down Main Street heading back to the hotel, and all of the sudden it began snowing!  It was so well done, and surreal, that the children truly believed it was snowing for real... I guess for a couple kids living in the desert, it's not too hard to fool em!  It really was a magical experience for the whole family!

Rain Delay!!

After a long rain delay, Daddy & Mia arrived to save Big Boy from his Princess hell...  It was awfully strange to run around Disney in the rain, but a blast for the kids!


Our friends, the Timberlakes, brought their beautiful little girls to Disney for their first visit!  Georgia & Grace loved meeting all of the Princesses with Aubrey at Ariel's Grotto...  Unfortunately for Brandon, due to a rain delay, he got stuck at the princess lunch for a bit too.  Poor boy!

Night Time at Disney!

It was surprising cold at Disney!  The kids were absolute troopers and even played long into the cool evenings...  Here we are waiting patiently to get into our favorite Disney pizza joint.  And of course there's Big Boy, the class clown, hamming it up for the ladies!

Twinkie Love!!

It's amazing what a year of growth can do... Not only were the twins able to ride a whole bunch of rides that they were too short for last year, but they actually seem to enjoy being around each other now! All joking aside, they play really well together these days.  Here they are mugging for a photo with Baby Sheepy!

Morning Cookie!

Nothing like waking up from an afternoon nap and having a Mickey cookie in your mouth before your eyes are even fully open!  Big Boy sure is committed to his sweets...