Sunday, August 3, 2014

Summer in Southern Cal!

Our July started with plans to spend a weekend in Newport Beach to celebrate Independence Day.  Yet somewhere along the way Mommy finagled it into a month in Southern Cal for her and the kids...  Daddy did a few back and forth trips to ensure that he still had a business, and then joined the fam for a long week in Carlsbad to cap the summer off! What an amazing experience to see the kids spending quality time at the beach, visiting their cousins and making memories that will last a lifetime!  The summers sure do fly by, but we've made enough memories to last us until next summer... And with kids who are this fun, it's hard not to want to please them!

Knott's Berry Farm!

Most year's we go to SeaWorld during our summer vaca.  Yet this year the kids decided they wanted to try something new, so we checked out Knott's Berry Farm up in LA!  It was a great amusement park with loads of rides, and no shortage of unhealthy food or sunshine.  The kids even got to meet Snoopy and win a giant stuffed octopus!!

Beach Time!!

Every day we would go down to the beach and Daddy would start the arduous process of digging a fort!  Some days we dug a little too close to the waves and our fort was converted into a hot tub...  Regardless of the day, or what we were doing, there is really nothing on Earth like spending time away with our family.  Every moment and memory is incredible!  Time goes so quickly, and we don't intend to miss a single moment...


We capped off an amazing couple of weeks in Cali with a visit to Mia's favorite place, LEGOLAND!!  The twins have finally reached an age where they love it as well, and Brandon is just about obsessed with Legos at the moment.  We had an action packed day of rides, face painting and candy!  Nothing like a day of pure unbridled joy for the kids.


There's nothing quite like summer time smores at the beach!!

Chillin with my Girl...

We are so lucky to have an amazing family.  No doubt I love my wife and all of my children equally, yet Mia will always be my girl...  She is an absolutely unique child and shines in so many ways!

Baby Aubrey!

While in Newport Beach, Aubrey decided that she was going to be a baby again after seeing Marc & Lexi's baby, Skylar!  So she took her meals in a high chair and had Daddy feeding her...  It was very cute and playful, but quickly reminded Mommy & Daddy how happy we are to be past the baby phase of our life!

Happy 4th of July!

We spent our 4th of July in Newport Beach, enjoying a break from the heat!  After fireworks on the beach, we went on a nice long harbor boat ride with our family and Rachel's. Mia couldn't wait to learn to skipper the vessel, and Brandon manned the snack bag!  The Wichansky's joined us for a few days as well, and it made for a very relaxing holiday away...

Happy 1st Birthday Marshall

In the last week of June we celebrated Mr. Marshall's 1st birthday!  Mia took this occasion very seriously...  She sent out evites to a doggy birthday party at the local dog park!  Not only were there treats and games, but each puppy in attendance got to take home a special party bag of treats.  This dog is very loved!  As much as Daddy pretends to not be into dogs, don't tell anyone, but that little Mr. Marshall has made quite an impact...  He's a great addition to our family!