Thursday, February 6, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year isn't quite what it used to be in the Lovell household...  As Mia has gotten older, she has decided to distance herself more from her Chinese heritage, and we are allowing her to take the lead.  We openly discuss her adoption, and she asks very deep questions about her birth family, the country of China and lots of details surrounding her early childhood.  We try and encourage these discussions.  Sometimes she likes to talk at length, and other times shuts down quickly...  We figure with loads of love and honesty, we'll get through whatever challenges lie ahead!  So it was cute when Aubrey took the lead this year asking Mommy to come to school on Chinese New Year and bring treats like we always did for Mia's classes.  As Mommy was loading the car to head off to school, Aubrey disappeared and we couldn't find her. After a few minutes of searching, she came running out of the play room clutching her Chinese Barbie doll and proudly exclaiming that she was bringing Mia's doll to school... For all of her stubborn behavior, Aubrey truly is the sweetest child we have.  She's very generous and thoughtful, and extremely loving.  Just an absolute sweetie!

Class Party!

On the actual day of Mia's birthday, Mommy & Daddy came to Mia's class at snack time and read a book to the class, and brought along yummy chocolate chip cookies for the whole class!  Mia was beaming with pride all day while she wore her birthday crown, and exclaimed what a wonderful birthday she had before drifting off to sleep that night... We couldn't be more proud of our wonderful big girl.  XOXO

Best Gift Ever!

Mommy took the twins out to pick out gifts for Mia's birthday.  Aubrey obsessed over just the perfect gift, and settled on a  pair of roller blades.  Mia was thrilled beyond belief and declared them the best gift ever!  It was so sweet to see them bonding and having fun together.  Of course Big Boy picked out a toy he wanted to play with and tried to sell us on how much Mia would love it... Boys!

Party Time!

The Saturday after Mia's birthday we threw another party for the princess at Jump n Shout!  This one included all of her classmates, and her best friend Kiera.  Here they are manning the birthday throne!  It's so fun to see their little personalities developing into strong and independent little girls...  Our little girl is actually 7.  Wow!!

Handsome Boy!

Brandon sure loves a good party!  Unlike the other kids who attack the slides, he goes and buries himself in the foam toys...  Big boy has a very unique and fun personality.  He's endlessly entertaining and a giant ham!  That's why we love him.

The Sleeper!

After all the party's, Aubrey was done...  She is just like her Momma.  The car starts moving and she passes right out!  She's an angel when she's sleeping.  And occasionally when she's awake!