Monday, March 14, 2016


It was so exciting that our winter 2015 Telluride ski trip is when the Twins finally turned the corner and became skiers!!!  This was their third year skiing, but the first time they really got it, and enjoyed themselves...  They spent a long week with their instructor, Amelia, who had them riding to the top of the mountain and skiing blues!  Mia has been skiing for 5 years now and is an ace.  So, after several years of begging, Daddy finally let her transition to boarding!  No surprise, she is a natural.  She bombed the mountain with Daddy and the snow was amazing!  Our family vacations are so much less work now, and have become an absolute blast!!

Mr. Snow Man!

The Twins still get a little tired with long ski days, so Momma & Mia went on for some afternoon runs while Daddy & the twins made a snow man...  Such innocent joy!!!  Amazing kids.

Snowmobiling in Telluride!

We capped off our winter ski vacation with a day of snowmobiling!  The kids had never done it before, and when we found a wide open field where they could jump and race, it really got them excited...  Awesome trip!

Angel Boy?!

I'm not sure we should be bragging about this picture, but hey, he is who he is...  As Aubrey was modeling her American Girl doll dress, Brandon decided he would join in on the action!  Nice...

Daddy's Racer!!

Yep, this chick is awfully badass!!  Daddy & Mia were racing in the desert this weekend, and Mia absolutely crushed it...  She has gotten so confident on her new CR110, and she begs to get out into the desert whenever we can.  Flying down the road, on the way back to the truck, I realized how perfect the moment was, and snapped a photo of her racing next to me!  Heaven...

Sleeping Beauty!!

This is not a staged photo!  This girl is serious...  Note the furry pillow to accompany the sleeping mask.  We may well be creating a monster.  This girl is so coddled and spoiled it is ridiculous!  But it's also awfully damn cute, you gotta admit.

Merry Christmas 2015!

This was an amazing Christmas, as the kids are all at the perfect age to truly enjoy every moment and meaning!!  Even Marshall got into the action...  Momma wasn't playing around with gifts this year either.  The woman is crazy!  But we sure all love her and recognize how special she made it.

Christmas Eve Surprises!

We started a new tradition this year of opening a few presents on Christmas Eve!!  This year the kids opened a bunch of oversized games for yard toys...  Mia was thrilled by the life size chess set, and the twins couldn't wait to play the giant Connect 4.  The focus of our life has become trying to provide them a daily dream world...  It's awfully fun!

Vegas Baby!!

This was our 5th annual trip to Vegas the weekend before Christmas!!  We stayed at the Mirage this time, as Mia continues her quest to stay at every hotel on the strip...  Here are the Twins passed out in the VIP lounge after a long night at the tables!!  Even the Elves made the trip and surprised the kids with some treats after a night out on the town.  The kids thought the Stupidiotic store was fantastic!  Another amazing weekend of ice skating & smores on the top of the Cosmopolitan capped off a perfect vacation.

Desert Rats!

Daddy took Mia & Brandon out into the desert this past weekend for a little R&R Lovell style!  They donned their goggles & skull bandanas and made like pirates...  Fun, fun!


Ok, so I know this picture is a little odd...  But it speaks to the crazy personality of Mia! When we were at the mall the other day she wanted to go into the family bathroom to see if the 'little toilet' was still there that she remembered from when she was little.  Lo & behold, it was there!  I know, strange...  That's us!

Welcoming Committee!!

Momma had a holiday party for her boxing gym employees, at our house. Even though it was cold out, Aubrey & Brandon set up a campsite on our front patio and welcomed everyone as they arrived...  It was a little odd, but entirely keeping with their crazy attitudes!!

Our Little Elf!

Our little elf is getting ready for our first Christmas in our new home!!  Can't wait...