Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Featured Skater!!

Mia has remained committed to skateboarding, and has really blossomed into an impressive skater! This past week her Academy honored her as the Featured Skater of the Week.  She was extremely excited, as this video was played inside the entrance of the skating facility on a big screen TV, on a constant loop. Very exciting!

Momma Break!

Momma needed a break, so Daddy took the kids to Crackerjax, a local kid's park! We played mini golf, raced go karts and even doused each other in bumper boats.  It was an absolute blast, and is truly the best way to spend a day...  Nothing like enjoying the innocence and pure joy of children!

Sleeping Buddies!

Every now and again we let the kids sleep in Mommy & Daddy's room as a treat!  As we don't all fit in the same bed anymore, each kid has their own special nest.  Of course Brandon's is right between Mommy & Daddy, where he can snuggle up to his precious Momma...  Aubs builds a nest on the floor, and Mia sleeps on the ottoman at the end of our bed. Here she is with Marshall, both sound asleep in their unique sleeping positions!!

Sleeping Beauty!

I don't think we will ever get over this girl's strange proclivities!  This is not a set up, or a posed picture...  She truly goes to sleep every night with her requisite sleeping mask.  To make things worse, she often puts on ear muffs as well.  Aye, aye, aye!

Uncle Jelly Roll...

Uncle Joel came in from Cleveland for a visit this past weekend, and the kids were thrilled to have him here! Big B especially loves to have extra guys in the house, as he's so often surrounded by women...  Poor little fella!

Crazy Car Kids!

Daddy was moving cars around in the garage this weekend when Mia, Brandon & Kiera decided to go for a ride!  They climbed on the car lift and rode all the way up to the ceiling...  The little joys of childhood!!

Alice in Wonderland!

Our little Aubs was in her first play!!  She joined the same production that Mia did a few years ago, Art & Soul, and had an absolute blast...  She practiced for several months leading up to her big performance on January 12th!!  Her effervescent personality really shined through, and we were so proud of her. A beautiful little flower!